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Overview of the integrated eReader

Amplify Reading has a library of 35 fiction and non-fiction ebooks that students encounter on their reading journeys along our adaptive learning map. These books include familiar activities from skill games, allowing students to apply the skills they are practicing in games to real texts.

Books for grades K-2 give students the chance to practice their decoding and comprehension skills in engaging picture books. In grades 3-5, the program shifts focus to have students apply their skills to longer and more complex grade-level chapter books.

Student experience

How students access the eReader

Grades K-3

In grades K–3, when students are ready for a particular text, it will appear as one of their quest steps.

Grades 4-5

In grades 4–5, when students are ready for a text in their quest, the book on the right side of the workshop will illuminate with a Curioso image. Clicking the Curioso prompts students to launch the eReader.

Skill transfer activities

Students encounter a variety of activities within the Integrated eReader, many of which are direct applications of skills they’ve practiced in games:

Optional support features for students

Note: Click here to learn more about the multisensory scaffolds and instructional supports available for your students.

All of our books include optional instructional supports, which students can access by clicking on the settings icon in the top right corner of the eReader screen:

The Numbering feature displays sentence (K-2) or paragraph (3-5) numbers to help students identify passages for skill transfer activities:

Note: Numbering is enabled by default for all chapter books (grades 3-5).

The Read for Me feature reads the book text (and all skill transfer activities and reveal words) aloud, and includes a highlighting feature to help students follow along, regardless of their reading level:

Note: Read for me is enabled by default for all grade K-2 books.

Reveal words are context-specific definitions for grade level vocabulary:

Note: Reveal words are enabled by default for all books.

Resources for teachers

How to view your student’s current eReader text

You can use your Teacher Dashboard to see which books your students are currently reading. Just open Student Detail view and click on the Recent Activity tab to see the book in your student’s active quest, and whether they have begun or finished reading it.

Book summaries and Lexile levels

See the table below for a breakdown of each book in Amplify Reading's interactive eReader and its corresponding grade and Lexile level.

Picture books (grades K-2):

Chapter books (grades 3-5):

* Denotes that book is aligned to a Core Knowledge Language Arts domain.

eBook image credits

The Robot Girl Mystery

The Wonderful Nicholas Brothers

A Dog Has a Nose

An Egg Hatches

Easy Peas

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