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Introduction to Amplify Reading Quests

Students spend the majority of their time in Amplify Reading playing quests, a first-person narrative experience where they gain powers, help others, and learn about themselves and the worlds they inhabit, all while gaining targeted reading skill practice that is personalized to their unique learning progression. They receive rewards that are intrinsically tied to their reading growth, which help motivate them to keep trying, regardless of their learning pace.

Quests storylines are based on students’ grade and developmental stage, so students in the same class all see the same age- and grade-appropriate story world, regardless of their individual reading level -- they get to practice the skills they need most, while enjoying the same narrative as their classmates.

How to view your student’s current quest

Use the Student Detail View in your Teacher Dashboard to see which quests your students are currently working on. Just click on the Recent Activity tab to see information about your student’s active quest, including a narrative synopses, and discussion starters tied to the quest’s storyline.

Quest flows

Grades K-3

Note: Students in grades K-3 play a series of adaptive skill games, which are determined based on their placement in the adaptive skill map. All students see the same quest narrative regardless of their placement point.

When students log in, they land on this page:

Students press Play to open the map of Bookerton, the town where the K-3 narrative is set.

The map is the main activity hub for K-3 students. From it, they can access:

  1. Their Quest adventure (based on where the Curioso icon is located)

  2. The Curioso Hub

  3. Practice mode (if enabled)

When students click on their Curioso icon, they are taken into their Quest. Quests consist of brief narrative scenes, punctuated with skill practice in the form of games. Once a student completes a scene, their personalized skill game collection appears on the right side of the screen. Students can play these games in any order.

Note: In addition to games, students in K-3 quests will also often receive eReader books to read as part of their quest flow. Students in Grade 3 can also receive activities from the Amplify Vocabulary App.

Each time they complete a game (either by mastering the content set, or by failing it twice, and pausing on that particular skill), students see their score for the level, and then return to the quest to advance the narrative:

Students in grades 1-2 receive three skill games in each quest; students in grades 2-3 can receive up to five. After they complete all of their assigned games or eReader texts, students return to the quest scene and complete the narrative. They then return to the Bookerton map and begin a new quest cycle.

Grades 4-5

Note: Students in grades 4-5 play through a mixture of adaptive activities (skill games) based on their placement in Amplify Reading, along with a series of grade level-specific activities (Vocabulary, Close Reading, eReader) that are the same for all students in a given grade level. All students see the same quest narrative regardless of their placement in the adaptive skill map.

When students log in, they land on this page:

Students press Play to enter the Workshop, the interactive hub where they launch their various quest activities.

Each quest for students in grades 4-5 comprises:

Note: Grade 4 students start with Quest 1, while Grade 5 students begin their adventure at Quest 9 (following a short intro/recap video to catch up to that point in the quest narrative).

Students use the different objects in the Workshop to access their quest activities:

  1. Games (the battery)

  2. Vocabulary Activities (the radio transmitter)

  3. Close Reading Mission (the portal)

  4. eReader chapter (the book)

Students start their quests by clicking on the battery to launch the set of three personalized skill games that Amplify Reading has identified for them to play in their current quest. Students can play these skill games in any order:

After they have completed at least two games, students can click on the radio transmitter to launch the Vocabulary App. They play through 10 short activities, each featuring a different Tier 2 word determined by their grade level, before returning to the Workshop to receive a message from Olivia Wen, the Workshop’s mysterious builder:

Completing all three skill games will allow students to begin their Close Reading mission by clicking on the portal in the middle of the Workshop:

Note: Students do not need to master all three skill games to unlock Close Reading; even if they struggle with a game, they will be able to continue their quest.

Once students have finished their Close Reading mission (which often takes multiple sessions, Close Reading missions average at about 45 minutes to complete), they can click on the book to open the eReader:

In each quest cycle, students must read one chapter of a longer grade level text. These chapters included embedded questions that require students to apply the reading skills they’ve practiced in their skill games and Close Reading missions.

Once students have completed the full set of activities for a quest (3 games, 3 sets of 10 vocabulary activities, 1 close reading mission, 1 eReader chapter), they receive a congratulatory message and the quest cycle begins anew.

Quest overviews and narrative synopses

Note: You can always view the synopsis for a student’s current quest by clicking on the Recent Activity tab in their Student Detail View.

Grades K-1 quest summaries

After discovering a strange creature in their backpack, students and their magical companions called Curiosos get to work helping the town of Bookerton and its inhabitants. Before long, they discover a strange pattern in the weather that threatens to derail the town play.

Using the Curioso’s set of reading-inspired powers, students can pull objects from books, gain insight into what someone’s thinking, and even inspire great works of art from the town’s seemingly ordinary inhabitants. From misplaced lunches to writer’s block and colossal snowstorms, there’s no problem too great for students and their Curiosos.

Quest 1: Meet Curioso!

Quest 2: Pumpkin Trouble

Quest 3: Stuffed-up Sam

Quest 4: Carrot is Lost!

Quest 5: Garry's Sore Throat

Quest 6: A Giant Problem

Quest 7: Sweet Music

Quest 8: Li-li's Lunch

Quest 9: The Perfect Flower

Quest 10: Carla's Way

Quest 11: Sew What?

Quest 12: Mutt's Poem

Quest 13: Weather Worries

Quest 14: Lyle's Big Role

Quest 15: Of Bears and Books

Quest 16: Sam and the Stone

Quest 17: Cold Feet

Quest 18: Not a Little Kid

Quest 19: All Grown Up

Quest 20: Where's Claude?

Quest 21: A Tight Fit

Quest 22: Rescuing Tootie

Quest 23: Mutt's in Charge

Quest 24: The Big Play

Grades 2-3 quest summaries

As Bookerton gears up for its annual Founder’s Day celebration, the town takes note of a stranger in their ranks, the mysterious Viola Eldritch. She’s been sighted all through Bookerton with her mysterious gadgets, a map, and a shovel. What’s she up to? And what does it have to do with the mysterious Glyphs that are being discovered all over town? And what’s causing your Curioso’s increasingly erratic behavior?

Core thematic elements of this season include reading as a means of uncovering and bringing to light new or hidden information. If the first season is structured around learning to read and learning about Bookerton, Year 2 is about deepening one’s understanding of the town through its mysteries and history, both collective and personal.

Quest 1: Mysterious Intruder

Quest 2: Holes in the Park

Quest 3: Founders Day Statue

Quest 4: Faded Photos

Quest 5: Wen House Tour

Quest 6: The Token Hunt

Quest 7: Raccoons Take Over

Quest 8: Shady Baking

Quest 9: Science Hour

Quest 10: Wen Study

Quest 11: The Time Capsule

Quest 12: Festival Fiasco

Quest 13: Invisible Ink

Quest 14: Samuel's Secret

Quest 15: Mouse & the Martian

Quest 16: A Family Tradition

Quest 17: The Crest's Secret

Quest 18: Winging It

Quest 19: The Dream Diary

Quest 20: A Fishy Story

Quest 21: Two Accounts

Quest 22: Stinking Solutions

Quest 23: Goodbye, Bookerton

Quest 24: Three Words

Grades 4-5 quest summaries

Step through a portal out of Bookerton and into the strange world of Vista, where legend tells of an ancient book with the power to answer any question put to it, no matter how fantastic.

As the new de facto leader of the Four Eyes—a team of Vista natives who hope this book can answer their own questions—it's up to us to master close reading skills in order to achieve the four supposedly impossible Great Tasks that legend says conceals the way to the book. But as we use our skills to navigate and understand this new world, we may end up finding our own answers—and transforming ourselves.

The narrative takes place over the course of two school years: Students in 4th grade engage in Quests 1-8 and students in 5th grade engage in Quests 9-16.

Note: If a student begins playing Amplify Reading in 5th grade, they will see a brief introduction/recap video before they start their first The Four Eyes mission to get caught up on the narrative so far.

Quest 1: A Princely Mood

Quest 2: Palace Intrigue

Quest 3: Facets of Ruby

Quest 4: The Forge of the Sun

Quest 5: The Butterfly Effect

Quest 6: Views from Cimera

Quest 7: Voices from the Rock

Quest 8: To Move a Mountain

Quest 9: Secrets in Simile

Quest 10: Where Waters Flow

Quest 11: Conflicted

Quest 12: Masked Persuasions

Quest 13: A Fistful of Change

Quest 14: The Stuff of Dreams

Quest 15: Butting Heads

Quest 16: The Last Argument

Beyond quests: Student experience after completing the narrative

Congratulations on your student(s) making it through all of the quests! This is a real milestone in the program for their skill progress this year. Make sure to take a moment and fill out a quest completion certificate for them to take home to celebrate this accomplishment.

After completing their final quest, your student(s) will continue to progress in their skill development in our personalized adaptive program through Challenge Quests. The content they will receive is not bound by grade, and they will be encouraged to take on more challenging material as long as they continue to play within the program.

Note: You can see that a student has progressed to Challenge Quests by checking the Recent Activity tab in the Student Detail View.

Challenge quests in grades K-3

Upon completing Quest 24, your students will see this popup:

After clicking the "Continue" button, students will receive a Challenge Quest, a set of three new games to play, selected specifically for that student based on their progress through Amplify Reading.

They can select any of the three available games and then click the "Go!" button to launch the game and continue playing. They must play all three games to complete the Challenge Quest.

If students master the games within their Challenge Quest, they will earn a new Curioso customization, followed by a new Challenge Quest with new games, and the opportunity to continue earning Curioso customizations!

Challenge quests in grades 4-5

Upon completing Quest 8 (grade 4) or Quest 16 (grade 5), your students will see this popup:

After clicking the Continue button, students will receive a Challenge Quest, which is a set of three new games to play selected specifically for that student based on their progress through Amplify Reading.

They can select any of the three available games and then click the Go button to launch the game and continue playing.

If students master all three games, the Challenge Quest will be considered complete. They will receive a new batch of three games for a new Challenge Quest.

Note: Quest 8 represents the end of the grade 4 experience; students in 4th grade who complete Quest 8 will finish out the school year playing Challenge Quests, and will pick up with the Close Reading narrative adventure in Quest 9 at the beginning of the new school year.

Beyond Challenge Quests

Occasionally, with very frequent usage, students may progress through the full adaptive skill map. This is a significant accomplishment for any student, and is definitely worthy of celebration!

Students who achieve this milestone automatically unlock practice mode, and the opportunity for free play in any Amplify Reading skill game or Four Eyes mission.

Note: You can always disable Practice Mode for these students using your Teacher Dashboard.

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