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Overview of Close Reading

Our Close Reading activities teach students in grades 4-5 crucial close reading skills that help them to critically analyze complex texts. These lessons use carefully crafted questions, specific feedback, and technology-enhanced items, similar to those found in high-stakes assessments — all in the form of a compelling, interactive graphic novel, The Four Eyes.

Every lesson takes a guided approach, giving students opportunities to practice concepts and skills before applying them to complex texts. Additional supports, such as vocabulary definitions, targeted feedback, and audio narration are embedded within the lessons, to ensure students of all levels can fully engage with the story and activities.

How to view your student's current Close Reading mission

You can use your Teacher Dashboard to check which Close Reading mission your student is currently working on. Just open Student Detail view, then click the Recent Activity tab -- your student's Close Reading mission will be listed as their active quest.

Close Reading modules

Author’s Craft

Students uncover how authors use the techniques of their craft like setting and mood, symbolism, and tone to make their stories come alive.

Text Structure

To better comprehend complex informational texts, students study common text structures that authors use. These include: sequence, description, problem and solution, cause and effect, and argument.


Students discover how authors give life to their characters by imbuing them with traits and motivations, and placing them in certain internal and external conflicts.


Students examine the parts of strong arguments, and how authors use them to persuade their audience.

Close Reading Scope & Sequence

Note: Click here to read narrative synopses of each Close Reading adventure.

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