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Amplify Reading: Implementation and Cross-Product Integrations
Amplify Reading: Implementation and Cross-Product Integrations
Tips for successful implementation and using Amplify Reading with other Amplify products
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General implementation guide

There are a variety of ways you can use Amplify Reading to support your students’ reading journeys, both in and outside of the classroom.

Our weekly usage recommendations:

  • Students in grades K–3 should play for a total of 30-45 minutes per week, broken up into sessions lasting 10-15 minutes each

  • Students in grades 4–5 should play for a total of 40-60 minutes per week, broken up into sessions lasting 20-30 minutes each

Note: All active time a student spends in the program is counted for usage reporting in teacher and administrator reporting.

Suggestions for when and how students can use Amplify Reading:

  • During small group or center time

  • During choice time

  • During intervention blocks

  • As part of the ELA block

  • After school

  • During summer break or in summer school

Using Amplify Reading with mCLASS

The trusted mCLASS screener places your students into our powerful, engaging, adaptive program, Amplify Reading, which offers explicit instruction and extensive practice in the critical literacy skills that mCLASS measures.

This downloadable implementation guide shows the various ways that Amplify Reading and mCLASS can be used together to help each and every student—whether they need support or enrichment—on their unique path to reading success.

Using Amplify Reading with CKLA

Amplify's Core Knowledge Language Arts (CKLA) is a core curriculum for grades K-5 that supports teachers in delivering systematic and explicit instruction in the skills students need to become proficient readers. The deep engagement and individualized practice that students get when they play Amplify Reading helps to reinforce and solidify the concepts and skills they learn in core instruction.

This downloadable implementation guide details the many different ways that you can integrate CKLA and Amplify Reading to give your students the most and best opportunities to boost their reading skills.

Vocabulary practice in Amplify CKLA and Amplify Reading

If you use Amplify CKLA and Amplify Reading together, you’ll notice that both programs include access to the Amplify Vocabulary App, which offers students additional practice in Tier 2 vocabulary words drawn from Amplify CKLA units.

You can use either program to access the Vocab App, but we recommend having your students do so as part of their Amplify Reading experience, as vocabulary practice is embedded in the Amplify Reading quest system and adaptive algorithm.

Note: Click here to see answers to frequently asked questions about the Amplify Vocabulary App.

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