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Amplify Science Louisiana Edition, 6–8
Amplify Science Louisiana Edition, 6–8

What’s unique about Amplify Science Louisiana?

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Amplify and the Lawrence Hall of Science have created custom Amplify Science Louisiana materials for middle school students and teachers. The Louisiana edition of Amplify Science 6–8 differs from our national program in a few key ways:

  • Standards cited are Louisiana State Standards for Science (LSSS) instead of NGSS

  • A custom scope and sequence tailored to the LSSS is used

  • Louisiana Companion Lessons are included

  • Louisiana companion kits, which contain materials to accommodate the added companion lessons, are available for grades 6 and 8

Like the rest of Amplify Science, the Louisiana companion lessons were written by the Lawrence Hall of Science. The companions enhance the Amplify Science curriculum by providing additional lessons to address the Louisiana Student Standards for Science that go beyond the NGSS. The companion lessons also ensure that the Louisiana Student Standards for Science are covered at the appropriate grade levels in Amplify Science.

Some companion lessons require additional kit materials (i.e. items that are not reused from the regular unit kits), some do not. A list of the physical materials needed for each companion can be found in the “Planning for the Year” section of the Louisiana Companion Teacher Booklet. To make it easy to gather the needed manipulatives, companion kits are available for purchase. The print materials for the companion lessons (e.g. teacher lesson guides and reference information, student sheets) may be purchased from Amplify or downloaded from the Printable Resources section of the Unit Overview page in units that have companion lessons associated with them.

If you are interested in purchasing Amplify Science Louisiana materials, please reach out to

Grade level detail

Scope and sequence

Grade 6:

  • Number of Companion Lessons: 5

  • Unit with Companions Lessons: Populations and Resources; Matter and Energy in Ecosystems; Light Waves

  • Companion Kit: Yes

Grade 7:

  • Number of Companion Lessons: 8

  • Unit with Companions Lessons: Phase Change; Traits and Reproduction; Ocean, Atmosphere, and Climate; Weather Patterns; Earth’s Changing Climate

  • Companion Kit: No

  • Please note that grade 7 does not contain a launch unit

Grade 8:

  • Number of Companion Lessons: 6

  • Unit with Companions Lessons: Plate Motion; Rock Transformations; Thermal Energy; Natural Selection

  • Companion Kit: Yes

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