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Using GG4L Connect to sync rosters for enrollment in Amplify programs

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Note: Once your district has started classes and you have begun your Amplify curriculum and/or assessment programs, changing enrollment sources can be highly disruptive and is discouraged. If your district has extenuating circumstances that require you to change how you enroll, please contact your Customer Success partner.

This article is intended for enrollment administrators in districts that have worked with Amplify Customer Success and determined that GG4L Connect is the best enrollment option for the current school year. We typically recommend GG4L Connect when you have previously partnered with GG4L outside Amplify.

Before You Begin

Before you begin the process outlined in this article, you should meet with Amplify’s Technical Onboarding team to discuss your preferred login method and enrollment sharing method. During this conversation, the Technical Onboarding team will make sure your school district is ready to share enrollment data with Amplify.

Working with GG4L

GG4L helps school districts share enrollment or roster data with vendors such as Amplify. The initial process is called “onboarding” and typically takes 2-3 days.


After you have discussed enrollment with Amplify’s Technical Onboarding team and your enrollment sharing team is ready, you can start the onboarding process with GG4L.

Follow the steps below:

  1. You should have received an email from Amplify inviting you to begin the onboarding process with GG4L. We will copy GG4L on this message so they know you will be starting the onboarding process with them. Please refer to the email for more information.

  2. Fill out the GG4L Onboarding form (click the link and fill out the google form). This link is also included in the email you received from Amplify.

  3. (Optional) If your district requires GG4L to sign a data privacy agreement as part of the onboarding process, please send an email to GG4L’s Onboarding team at and attach the agreement.

  4. The GG4L Customer Onboarding team will reach out to you to begin the onboarding process after they receive your onboarding form. The Amplify Technical Onboarding team will work with GG4L’s Onboarding team to ensure the enrollment data share is completed.

Post-onboarding Setup

After your school district’s enrollment data has been shared with GG4L, you should configure the enrollment sharing rules and permissions for each of your vendors, including Amplify, using the GG4L Connect dashboard. Each vendor you give access to the school district’s enrollment data may view the sharing rules on GG4L Connect.

You will receive more detailed instructions for configuring enrollment sharing and permissions from the GG4L team. Here is a brief overview of the process:

  1. Log in to your GG4L Connect account.

  2. Activate the Amplify application from your Application Gallery.

  3. Set up your Custom Data Integration.

  4. Send your request.

  5. Amplify will review and authorize the integration.

Enrollment Data Sharing

GG4L provides two enrollment data feeds to Amplify, depending on your product licenses:

  • Amplify (Core Curriculum and Supplementals)

  • Amplify mCLASS (Assessment and Intervention)

Additional Reference Materials

Please refer to the following for more information:

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