Reveal Conventions Details

The new Conventions Details feature in Classwork will identify up to ten common grammatical errors in student writing activities. The errors that can be identified are:

  • Run-on sentence

  • Sentence fragment

  • Subject verb disagreement

  • Missing question mark

  • Missing comma or semicolon

  • Misplaced comma

  • Missing apostrophe

  • Misplaced apostrophe

  • Unnecessary apostrophe

  • Meaning unknown (a catchall for a significant number of errors that make it difficult to extract meaning from the sentence)

To get started, open Classwork and navigate to a writing activity. Any writing activity that has the Conventions rubric will include the new “Details” toggle. Note that Essay activities are not auto-scored and have different rubrics for teacher assessment of student writing.

When you turn the Details toggle on, any applicable errors will be listed below the Conventions rubric in the scoring panel. If any of the 10 errors above do not apply to the writing, they won’t be listed in the panel.

Any sentences in the student’s response that contain errors will be underlined blue. Clicking on a sentence in the student response will display a tooltip that shows the corresponding errors.

Use of Evidence Auto Score

The Use of Evidence skill is now auto-scored in addition to Focus and Conventions. The auto score will be marked by the blue “AS” circle.

As with any automated scoring, you should use your expertise as an educator to determine the appropriate score for your students. You can override the rubric score at any time. At present students do not see the rubric scores or conventions errors. You can encourage students to improve upon their grammatical errors by sending feedback through inline or general comments.

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