Developed in collaboration with UC Berkeley’s Lawrence Hall of Science, the Coding Science Internship provides students with the opportunity to learn basic computer science concepts and practices in service of solving real-world problems. Specifically, the Coral Restoration Coding Science Internship contains two types of coding missions:

  • Code a model of the reef restoration environment as a tool to communicate about different restoration plans with stakeholders in the community.

  • Code the restoration robots (small robots that can navigate in aquatic environments) to carry out different restoration tasks, such as removing coral threats and transplanting coral at optimal sites.

One of the goals of this Coding Science Internship is to broaden participation in computer science by designing student learning experiences that challenge persistent barriers to equitable participation in computer science. By integrating computer science learning in core science courses, we aim to:

  • Increase access to positive experiences in computer science learning.

  • Make it easy for science teachers with a wide range of coding experience to implement.

  • Provide teachers with differentiated resources to support and engage all of their students.

The Coding Science Internship works in much the same way as our Engineering Internship units. If you’re interested in purchasing the CSI for your students, or if you already have it and need assistance with using it, just reach out to our Customer Care and Support team at

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