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Students and teachers can create their own avatar
Students and teachers can create their own avatar

Guide to making your own avatar in Educator and Student Home

Updated over a week ago

Students and teachers can customize their avatars to represent themselves or a character out of their imagination. They can access the avatar builder through Educator or Student Home, where they can save their choices or download the saved avatar onto a computer for later!

Make your avatar

  • If students are using shared usernames, then they will have a shared avatar. All students in that account will be able to make updates and any changes made by individual students may not be saved.

  • The Avatar builder for students has a time limit of 2 minutes. After 2 minutes passes, a message displays to notify students that their time is up and asks if they want to save. Students click Yes or No and they are returned to Student Home. Students can continue editing their avatar the next day.

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