Amplify CKLA Teacher Resource Site

The Amplify CKLA Resource site is now organized in a more streamlined and user-friendly manner.

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It is important to have easy navigation to the materials you need each day. We have redesigned the Amplify CKLA Resource Site for 2nd edition users so you can access the same resources as before, but in a more streamlined way with a cleaner look and feel.

How to access

To access the CKLA Teacher Resource Site, visit and enter your Amplify credentials.

If you have access to more than one grade level, you will be directed to a grade selector to navigate between grades. If you have access to just one grade level, you will be taken directly to that grade level.

Intro page

This page highlights multimedia resources including Sound Library, Knowledge Builders, E-books and Audiobooks. It also provides links to other resources like the Professional Learning site and Intervention Toolkit.

Intro page

You will see simplified navigation to access the Daily Instruction and CKLA Program Resources pages. These links are located in the upper right hand corner of the page.

Select Daily Instruction to access the resources you will need for the day.

Daily Instruction

On the Daily Instruction page, you can view all units and access any planning or other materials you will need throughout the school year. Intervention resources, planning documents, multilingual glossaries, and more are all listed here at a glance.

Daily instruction

If you have access to more than one grade level, you can toggle between your different grade levels by clicking the grade button at the upper left hand corner of the page.

Grade toggle

Unit materials

To access all the core materials you will need for each lesson, click the applicable unit title. Teacher Guides, Readers, Activity Books, and other core materials for the unit can now be viewed and accessed from this single page.

Unit materials

Amplify Caminos

Introducing Amplify Caminos al Conocimiento Esencial, a Spanish program for Amplify CKLA. Materials will also be available on the CKLA Resource site for Caminos customers. If you have access to both English and Spanish materials, you can switch between English and Spanish using the language toggle.

Amplify Caminos

Additional navigation tips

  • You can always return to the main Daily Instruction page from any Unit page, using the “Daily Instruction” link in the upper right hand corner. Links to the Intro Page and Program Resources page are also available in that location.

  • Switch grade levels at any time by clicking the grade button at the upper left hand corner of the page.

  • You can also jump quickly to the section you need on the Daily Instruction, Unit or Program Resources pages using the menu list on the left hand side of each page.

Navigation tips
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