The Home screen opens when you launch the Amplify OneRoster CSV Upload Portal. From this screen, you can install Import and Export apps from the Application Gallery, or you can view and manage your installed apps.

Getting Started

The first time you open the Amplify OneRoster CSV Upload Portal, you’ll be prompted to get started by importing your data. This is done by installing an Import app from the Application Gallery.

Before you click Import Data, you should determine which of the two available Import apps best meets your ongoing enrollment needs:

  • SFTP - Supports the uploading of your enrollment files using a third-party file transfer client; they remain staged in a secure landing area until the enrollment is uploaded manually or via regularly scheduled updates.

  • CSV Upload - Supports direct, all-in-one uploading of files to the portal.

Once you finish adding an Import app and uploading your data, you will need to activate one or both of the apps that export your enrollment data into Amplify’s enrollment systems:

  • Amplify - Exports data into the enrollment system for Core Curriculum and Supplementals.

  • Amplify mCLASS - Exports data into the enrollment system for mCLASS.

For more information about these apps and their installation, refer to the Amplify OneRoster CSV Upload Portal guide.

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