Check out the improvements we’ve added to Amplify Reading for the 2021-22 school year.

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We launch new features year-round, and are excited to share our newest updates with you!

Midyear Replacement

Students will have the opportunity to receive updated placement in Amplify Reading in the middle of the year.

Updated Teacher Dashboard

Your Teacher Dashboard is getting a fresh new look, and powerful new features to give you the data you need to support your students in Amplify Reading!


Use the new Insights page to get an at-a-glance summary of your students' recent usage, skill mastery, trouble spots, and reading growth over time.

Student Overview

The Student Overview gives you a streamlined class-level view of student usage, progress, performance and growth.

Skill View

The Skill View shows you the content your students are working on across the 13 skill domains in Amplify Reading, and whether your students are working below-, at-, or above-grade level within their adaptive reading journey.

Student Detail View

Student Detail View is back and better than ever! Updates include:

  • Information about student performance and growth over time

  • New usage tracking features, allowing you to see your students' attendance and time spent in the program by day, week, or month

  • Updated Trouble Spots reporting, with targeted instructional resources available directly from your Teacher Dashboard

  • And more!

Class Settings

The new Class Settings page is your one stop shop in classroom management! You can use it to:

  • View and distribute your students' login credentials

  • View your class code

  • Turn Practice Mode on or off for individual students or your whole class

  • Turn Spanish voiceover on or off for individual students or your whole class

  • Download and print caregiver reports

Risk of Reading Difficulty

Our new Risk of reading Difficulty pane gives you a quick view of which of your students are at risk of reading difficulty.

New Spanish Content and Supports

We're excited to announce new and expanded resources to support your Spanish-speaking students and their families!

Updates to the Student Experience

Expanded Spanish voiceover support will be available throughout the program, including:

  • The entire quest narrative for grades K-5

  • The embedded Automatic Placement Tool (narrative and instructional sections)

  • Instruction and scaffolding in more than 30 skill games

Coming soon: Spanish Caregiver Reports

Download student-level progress reports in Spanish to share with caregivers.

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