Amplify CKLA offers an Interactive Classroom add-on license that makes instruction more flexible for students and teachers in remote, hybrid, or in-person classrooms!

Student-facing digital lessons

Students can engage with digital lesson content in one cohesive experience - interacting with Activity Books, slides, digital components, videos, Flipbooks, Readers, and more.

Digital student activities

Student Activity Books pages are digital and interactive! Students can draw, type, add images or record audio on digital Activity Book pages to record data, reflect on ideas from texts, and practice reading and writing skills. Learn more about these features here.

Students can draw, write, record audio, and insert images in their Activity books. Work is automatically saved and delivered to you in real-time. Students can edit their work, and those edits are reflected on your teacher work review page. To access student responses, click "View Work" in the Classroom experience.

Student | Accessing Lessons

Student Home will act as the entry-point for all students within the Interactive Classroom experience. Students will be directed to Student Home from wherever they log into Amplify or they can access Student Home directly at There, students will see a button for each program they need access to as well as their assignments for that day.

Teacher | Accessing Lessons

CKLA teachers are now able to access digital lessons through the Amplify Curriculum platform! These improvements are available for customers who have purchased Interactive Classroom licenses.

To get started, log in to the curriculum platform at You’ll see the course overview page with all of your available units.

Upon selecting a unit, you’ll be directed to the unit overview page. You can select a lesson from here.

Once you’ve chosen a lesson, you’ll be directed to the lesson brief. There are two options to choose from: Assign and Teach.

Teacher planning and lesson materials will continue to be housed in the CKLA Teacher Resource Site. You can access the Amplify platform from the Resource Site by clicking on the banner at the top of the screen.

Assign in Amplify

Click “Amplify” in the assign menu to assign lessons to your class via Student Home. Assigning in Amplify allows flexibility with optional features like scheduling assignments in advance and setting due dates.

Scheduling will determine the date and time that the assignment appears in Home. If no schedule date is set, assignments will appear for students immediately. Setting a due date helps guide students and removes assignments from Home. Assignments will continue to appear in Home until midnight on that particular date. If no due date is set, assignments will disappear from Student Home at midnight on the day they were assigned.

If students need to access a lesson on their own, whether to complete a full lesson asynchronously or to finish an activity page at home, then that lesson should be assigned to their assignment stream in order for them to access it from Student Home. Learn more about assigning in Amplify here.

Assign in an LMS

You can also assign lessons via our integrations with Google Classroom and Microsoft Teams, or by copying a lesson link and sharing it with students through the platform of your choice. The assignment link you send will provide students with direct access to the full lesson—slides, videos, digital tools, and worksheet activities—no student platform navigation required! Learn more about assigning to an LMS here.

Teacher platform and presentation

Explore teacher-facing lesson content—including sample teacher talk, student responses, pedagogical support, and possible student responses—on your private Teacher Guide tab while independently controlling the class presentation. Students will only see the lesson slides that you are presenting.

The Teacher Guide offers easy access to instructional guidance, including activity directions, lesson context, and suggestions for in-the-moment differentiation as students work.

Synchronous and asynchronous pacing options

Use teacher-led mode to drive student navigation, tying students to your presentation location as you advance through the lesson. Or turn on student navigation to enable students to navigate themselves in student-paced mode.

Review and present work

Watch your students’ thinking unfold in real time as they navigate digital tools and complete interactive Activity Book pages. Quickly see what all of your students are thinking and understanding. Identify gaps in understanding when you scan student work in work review, or use present student work to foster discussion and sensemaking by anonymously sharing students’ pages.

Content Availability Schedule

Amplify CKLA Interactive Classroom units will roll out according to scope and sequence during the 21-22 school year.

Want to learn more?

Check out the FAQ or contact your Amplify representative for more information.

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