All Investigation Notebook and copymaster PDFs in the K–5 units are now fillable! This means that, with a third party extension, K–5 teachers can have their students type and/or draw directly into a PDF if they prefer their students to complete work digitally.

As a K–5 teacher, you don’t have to do anything differently to access the fillable PDFs. Just like usual, Investigation Notebook and copymaster PDFs can be found in two places:

  • At the unit level: In the printable resources area of the Unit Guide there is a file for the complete Investigation Notebook, and another for a compilation of all copymasters.

  • At the lesson level: Within the Digital Resources area of the Lesson Brief, you will find PDFs of the specific Investigation Notebook pages and/or copymasters that are used in that lesson.

When you open the PDFs from either location, you will see that they have been updated to have “fillable” fields. Nothing else has been changed.

In order to enter any text into the fillable sections of the PDFs, users must have a PDF annotation tool installed on their device or browser. There are a variety of free tools available for this, but we recommend Kami because it has drawing capabilities for students.

For Kami specific help, please contact

For additional Amplify support, email

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