Schoology Integration Guide

District admins can configure the Amplify LTI version 1.1 app in their Schoology district account.

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If your district uses the Schoology learning management system and Amplify, you can configure Amplify apps from within Schoology.

To get started, district administrators can email to request a Consumer Key and Shared Secret. Once you receive this information from Amplify, follow the installation steps below.

Installing Amplify apps

1. Go to and log in.

2. Scroll through the app list until you find the Amplify app. This app provides single sign-on access to all of your district’s Amplify programs.

3. Click Amplify to open the app description, and click the blue Install App button.

4. At the district level, click Configure and enter your Consumer Key and Shared Secret.

For more detailed instructions and a brief video, see the Installing Apps article in the Schoology Help Center.

For additional Amplify support, email

The Amplify app provides single sign-on access to Amplify programs for students and teachers in district-configured Schoology accounts. District configuration is required.

Please contact to request your Consumer Key and Shared Secret.

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