If you have chosen to participate in the Amplify’s new slides-based lesson experience, your students will also have a new enhanced navigational experience.

Upon logging in, your student will see the Lesson Brief as well as a streamlined experience for accessing the activities. Instead of tabs for all lesson activities the entire time they work through them, students will simply see an unobtrusive series of circled numbers along the top of their screen.

Hovering over a circled number provides additional information, including the name and type of activity.

Currently, in classic mode, an activity can have multiple pages to it, with those page numbers noted at the bottom of the screen along with a “next” button. To make navigation and classroom communication easier, in Beta Mode all instructions and prompts for an activity will be on a single, scrollable page.

To further help teachers and students stay on the same page (both literally and metaphorically), students will have a “sync to teacher” button in the top right corner of the activity. Pressing this button immediately brings the student to whatever activity the teacher is currently in. If they are in the same place as the teacher, the student will know it by looking at the same button, which will be muted and labeled “synced” in this case. Note, however, that the “sync to teacher” functionality will only be available if the teacher has “started class.”

Once finished with an activity that calls for a student response, students will press the “submit” button at the bottom of the activity. Students can easily track the status of their work using the circular activity numbers along the top of the activity: filled in blue means the student has submitted the activity; empty means it has not yet been submitted. This enables students to know, at a glance, which tasks are incomplete and need more work, and which tasks are successfully submitted.

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