Q: Why don’t I see any beta lessons in my account?

A: There are two instances in which you would not see any beta lessons. First, your district may have asked to be put on a list that automatically opts its teachers out of all pilots/beta trials. Second, you may not be teaching the one unit that is currently available in the beta lesson experience. If you do not have Rock Transformations in your account, you will not have access to the beta experience.

Q: How do I re-watch that tutorial video I saw when I first enabled a beta lesson?

A: You can click the question mark in the top right corner of the screen anytime to launch the tutorial again!

Q: Can I use Beta Mode if I don’t have a second screen to extend to?

A: Yes! We will soon be adding a button that will enable you to control the slides in the presentation view. In the meantime, you may choose to present the guide view instead of the presentation view. If teaching remotely, you may still want to have a private view, which means you would screenshare the presentation tab only.

Q: Do I still need the resources that are usually on the Lesson Brief?

A: Yes! Any copymasters, references, flextensions, assessment guides, etc. that are included in the Digital Resources area of the Lesson Brief will still be relevant to the content of the beta lessons. Additionally, the Lesson Brief will continue to be the place where you’ll find additional information about the lesson, including differentiation suggestions, vocabulary, standards, and more.

Q: How can the beta lesson experience be used in a remote setting?

A: If teaching synchronously, we recommend that you screenshare only the presentation tab in a zoom/google hangout. If teaching asynchronously, you’d use it in the same manner you have been using the Classic Mode of the unit.

Q: What does “starting class” do?

A: Starting class does several things: it launches the presentation tab, it triggers the tutorial if you have not already gone through the tutorial, and it automatically pulls any students who are currently logged into Amplify to your location. Students who log into Amplify after you have already started class are also automatically pulled to your location.

Q: Can you edit the slides in Beta Mode?

A: The beta lesson experience doesn’t currently allow for the customization of its slides. If you’d prefer to use slides you’ve edited, you may want to utilize the regular Classroom Slides available in the lesson’s Lesson Brief instead of the beta experience.

Q: Will the Spanish toggle button work in Beta Mode?

A: The beta lesson experience is not yet available in Spanish.

Q: Does teaching in Beta Mode affect how I access students’ completed work?

A: No! You’ll still find students’ submitted work in your Classwork app, and any feedback you send will still appear in the respective activity for students.

Q: Can I have my student use Beta Mode if I just want to use Classic Mode myself?

A: No. Students will only see the Beta Mode interface if you have opted into Beta. The opposite is also true: you cannot teach in Classic Mode and have your students use Beta Mode. Their experience is tied to yours.

Q: How do you end a class?

A: You can end a class by closing the presentation browser tab, closing the teacher guide view browser tab, or pressing the "End Class" button in the bottom right corner of the slide navigation.

Q: When will this be released more widely?

A: Whether we pursue this functionality further, and the timeline in which we are able to do so, depends entirely on the data and feedback we receive! Please share your thoughts!

Q: How can I provide feedback?

A: The best way to share your feedback on the beta lesson experience is by pressing the “Leave Feedback” button on the Lesson Brief in beta-enabled lessons.

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