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District admins can configure the Amplify LTI version 1.1 app in their Canvas district account.

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If your district uses the Canvas learning management system and Amplify, you can configure Amplify apps from within Canvas.

To get started, district administrators can email to request a Consumer Key and Shared Secret. Once you receive this information from Amplify, follow the installation steps below.

To install the Amplify LTI version 1.1 app in Canvas

  1. Log in to your district Canvas account.

  2. Filter available apps by clicking "Uninstalled."

  3. Choose the Amplify app. This app provides single sign-on access to all of your district’s Amplify programs.

  4. Add the Amplify app to your course navigation

To configure the Amplify LTI version 1.1 app

You can add the Amplify version 1.1 app at the system, sub-account (e.g. by campus), or course level.

Step 1. Create a course

  1. Log in to your district Canvas account.

  2. Navigate to Dashboard in the left navigation bar.

  3. Select Start a New Course.

Step 2. Define the course

  1. Create the Course Name.

  2. Set the Content License to Public Domain.

  3. Select Create Course.

Step 3. In the Admin panel in Canvas, navigate to Settings > Apps and search for “Amplify”

Step 3. Click +Add App to configure Amplify:

Step 4. Add Amplify’s tool config information:

  • Set a name for the tool (i.e. Amplify).

  • Paste in the Consumer Key and Shared Secret (request from

  • Click Add App.

Step 5. Verify your Amplify app:

  • Go to Settings in the left navigation.

  • Click Apps tab in the top menu.

  • Click View App Configurations.

  • Edit the Amplify LTI Tool.

  • Verify that the Privacy settings are set to Public.

  • The Integration will not work properly if not set to Public.

For more detailed instructions on using Canvas, see the resources available on the Canvas Knowledge Base.

For additional Amplify support, email

The Amplify version 1.1 app provides single sign-on access to Amplify programs for students and teachers in district-configured Canvas accounts. District configuration is required.

Please contact to request your Consumer Key and Secret.

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