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mCLASS is a teacher-administered assessment and intervention suite for kindergarten through sixth grade. mCLASS has a universal and dyslexia screener and offers intervention options and reports for teachers and administrators. mCLASS also offers classroom and administrative reports to give you detailed insight into your students’ development and skills.

Benchmark and progress monitoring (PM) assessment

mCLASS offers both Benchmark and PM Assessments. Benchmark measures are consistent within a grade level to help you easily monitor your student’s growth across benchmark periods. Most measures are also offered as PM assessments. PM assessments are given between benchmark periods and can be conducted as often as needed to check a student’s progress and help teachers know which students are making adequate progress toward the next benchmark goal and which students may need additional instructional support.

Dyslexia screening

You can identify students who are at risk for reading difficulties, including dyslexia, based on their results for the Dyslexia Screening measures. Assessment data can provide unique information about a student’s reading development, potential risk for dyslexia, and areas in need of support. mCLASS offers comprehensive screening measures to ensure students with below benchmark performance in any skill are properly identified for reading risk and intervention.

Online assessment

Students take certain mCLASS measures online, by logging in to the student interface and completing assessments that have been assigned to them. See here for more details on assigning measures to students.


mCLASS Intervention uses results from the assessments to create profiles of students. mCLASS Intervention will analyze your student’s results to determine two skills that each student should focus on and then group students with the same needs together based on your students’ needs, your preferred group size, and the number of groups necessary to support all of your students.

Administrator and classroom reporting

mCLASS Reporting gives you detailed insight into your students’ development across their foundational skills. Administrators can view school and district reports to analyze data and figure out how to best focus their resources for classes, teachers, and different populations. Teachers can view their students’ reports to evaluate their students’ development and skills.

Administrator reporting

The Reporting and Analysis Suite (RAS) presents different views of your assessment results to support the day-to-day decisions you make that affect intervention and instruction. You can generate detailed, cumulative reports that help you interpret student performance and review completion statistics. Learn more about RAS and the different reports you can generate here.

Classroom reporting

You can see your classroom skill summaries, benchmark testing summaries, student summaries, and PM summaries in Classroom Reporting. You can set goals for your students individually and create groups to target skill acquisition.

Dual language reporting

The mCLASS Dual Language report is available to support your students’ and teachers' biliteracy journeys. The Dual Language report gives a side-by-side overview of student’s Spanish and English skills on a single dashboard and offers instructional guidance based on students' combined development in English and Spanish.


mCLASS Instruction provides targeted instructional materials and activities to make your lesson planning easier. mCLASS assessment results are used to summarize a student’s current skills and determine if they need additional support or a new instructional approach for you to make informed decisions on your lessons. The assessment data can provide unique information about a student’s development, potential risk areas, and areas in need of support.

Home connect

With mCLASS, parents and guardians have access to their child’s results from each completed measure. Home Connect provides resources for families to practice and reinforce important skills specific to their child’s progress. Teachers can generate a Home Connect letter for parents, which shows their child’s results, an overview of their child’s skills, and a list of targeted activities to help their child’s skill development.

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