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Amplify Science 6–8: How to preview the student experience
Amplify Science 6–8: How to preview the student experience
Is there a way for me to explore a student account to see what it looks like for them?
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While preparing to teach Amplify Science, you may wonder what the program will look like for your students. As the teacher, you have the ability to generate a student login so you can see what your students see! To learn how to create a student login for yourself, follow the step-by-step instructions below.

1. Make sure you are logged into your Amplify Science account and then navigate to the “My Account” area of the site. You can access directly at

2. Select “Programs & Licenses” from the menu on the left.

3. Within “Program & Licenses,” you’ll see the various licenses that you have access to. For most teachers, it’ll just be one license, as shown here. Click on the name of the license.

4. Find the program for which you are interested in generating a student login. For many science teachers, there will only be one program in this list. If you teach multiple grade levels or disciplines, you may see more. Click on the Actions drop-down button on the right side, and then the “View Shared Student Login” link that appears.

5. The “View Shared Student Login” link will activate a screen with a Username and Password. Please note each program has its own Username and Password.

6. To use the credentials, either logout of your account as a first step, or navigate to in a separate browser or Chrome Incognito window. Then, select “Log in with Amplify” and enter the Username and Password you created.

Once you click “login” you will see a screen that looks much like your own Year Overview page. Pick a unit and you’ll begin to see the differences between what is in your accounts vs. your students’.

Shared Student Logins are set to preview mode and you will not be able to interact with the Curriculum (e.g., you can’t enter responses). When students log in using their own accounts, they will not see this banner and will be able to submit work.

You can also download our student navigational guide to help your students get up and running with digital access to Amplify Science.

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