Shared student logins provide digital program access to K-2 Amplify CKLA students and students who aren’t yet enrolled by their school or district. One shared student login is generated for each of your programs. This login is shared with all teachers who are associated with the license.

1. Log into My Account at

2. Click Programs & Licenses in the menu. Then, select the license you want a student account for.

3. Go to Programs and click the arrow to the right of the program you want to share with K-2 students.

4. In the menu that opens, click View Shared Student Login.

5. Copy the Shared Student Login username and password.

6. Now K-2 students can navigate to the link displayed for the Amplify program they are trying to access. K-2 students should click Log in with Amplify and enter the shared username and password. They will then have read-only access to the program to follow along until their real account is ready.

NOTE: There is no digital work handed in in the Hub, so these accounts are designed for K-2 student users.

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