Amplify is conducting a beta trial of a new slides-based lesson experience within the Rock Transformations unit! Participating will save you time and extend your reach in the classroom through intuitive navigation and powerful presentation tools.

The beta experience includes teacher notes for your eyes only. Explore lesson content, interactives, and student activities while independently controlling the presentation.

Teacher controls

Students on devices will also experience simplified navigation, with an easy way to keep them in sync with you.

Want to try the beta lesson experience?

Participating in the beta trial is free for current users! Here’s how to opt in.

1. Simply log into the Amplify platform and opt-in from any lesson brief within the Rock Transformations unit.

2. Once you have opted in, access the beta experience by following the yellow beta flags. When you do so, all the students in your classes will also automatically have access to the beta lesson experience. Students will not be able to opt in or out of the beta experience themselves.

3. You can leave the beta experience and revert to the classic Amplify lesson format at any time using the “Help” button in available lessons. This will also opt your students out.

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