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Amplify ELA: Reveal answer validation to students for solos and assessments
Amplify ELA: Reveal answer validation to students for solos and assessments

Answer validation at the bottom of expanded solos and assessments

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This feature provides you with the option to reveal answer validation to students for certain types of activities. In Classwork, you’ll see two checkboxes at the bottom of expanded solos and assessments: Mark Incorrect and Reveal Correct.

Both boxes are unchecked by default, and students will be able to edit the activity without any correct/incorrect markers on their responses. For assessments, editability and visibility of revealed answers will also depend on whether or not you have locked or unlocked the assessment lesson for each class.

While the Mark Incorrect and/or Reveal Correct box is checked, students will be notified that the activity is in read-only mode, and the appropriate answer validation will be visible. Answer validation applies at the class level, but will not appear for any students who have “In Progress” or “Not Started” work. Once students with incomplete work press “Hand in”, the activity will become read-only and answer validation will apply.

If Mark Incorrect is checked, students will see red indicators for any incorrect responses in the activity, but not the correct answer choice.

If the student response was originally correct, it will be marked in green or with a checkmark depending on the question format.

Once Mark Incorrect is checked, an additional checkbox will become available to reveal the correct answers. When both boxes are checked, students will see indicators marking any correct and incorrect choices, as well as a checkmark and yellow highlight for the correct answer.

Any correct responses will continue to be marked in green or with a checkmark.

You can check or uncheck the Mark Incorrect and Reveal Correct boxes for each solo and assessment activity as many times as you’d like. You may want to be mindful of when you reveal answers to students as the questions for these activities do not change year to year.

Answer validation will always be visible for you in Classwork regardless of the state of the Mark Incorrect or Reveal Correct checkboxes.

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