Students will be able to access resources and engage in a new digital experience on the Amplify CKLA Hub.

Once logged in, students will view the home screen that connects to the other rooms, including the Theater, the Sound Library, and the eReader Library. When students visit each room, they can return back to the home screen by selecting the house icon on each screen.

When a student logs in for the first time or needs help in the future, the Amplify CKLA Hub mascot and helper, CK-2, is there to assist. CK-2 is easily accessible so students can get help with figuring out what to do by a simple click. This friendly face is available to support students on each screen and section of the new Amplify CKLA Student Hub. Encourage your students to tap CK-2 on each page.


Students can navigate to the Theatre to access Knowledge Builder videos for each grade and unit. The selected video will play to engage students. Students can click to advance to each unit and the number will be highlighted at the bottom of the screen of the current unit. Students can select the arrows to explore additional videos.


Within the Sounds Library, students can access sound cards for each grade level and unit. On each sound card, students will be able to select a speaker to listen to the sound, a video offering pronunciation guidance for every phoneme, and a song with a music video. Each selection corresponds to the sound card. Once students are done reviewing a sound card, they can tap the “X” button to return to the complete library.


The Library allows students access to the complete library of books for each grade level. By selecting a book, students will be able to easily engage with the eReader thanks to multiple navigation buttons:

  • Turn the pages by selecting arrows on both sides of the text.

  • The progress bar reveals how far along students are in the book.

  • The speaker symbol will begin reading the eReader when selected.

  • The replay button will start reading the page over.

  • Three lines reveal a table of contents to help students find their place within the book.

  • Return arrow to exit out of the book.

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