Amplify Hub: K–5 Library
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Students can access the audio enabled K–5 eReader Library, in addition to other resources, on the Amplify Hub.

The eReader features the complete library of grade-level Amplify CKLA Student Readers in an interactive e-book format to enhance the student multimedia experience.

The Amplify CKLA Student Readers are sorted by unit. Once selected, students can navigate by turning the pages or using the table of contents.

The text of each Student Reader is read by a narrator, providing all students with access to rich grade-level texts. Students can activate the audio by tapping the speaker button and selecting the replay button if they miss anything.

The Student Readers can be used with any classroom technology, including interactive whiteboards, tablets, laptops, and desktops, during whole- or small-group instruction, and partner- or independent-reading activities.

The eReader can be used in conjunction with, or in place of, traditional print texts. It is accessible for all students, and features optional audio support. The library will also include Spanish Readers for Grades 3–5.

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