The new My Work is a customizable space where middle school students can organize their portfolio of Amplify work. Students will be able to easily review the teacher feedback from Classwork, as well as revise and submit activities.

Students can access My Work through the global navigation menu.

The new My Work is comprised of two simple tabs: the Home and Portfolio tab. This layout resembles that of Classwork both visually and structurally.

The Home tab provides students with a list of activities that have unread teacher feedback. Students can see summarized information for each activity such as its location in the curriculum, submission status, teacher-assigned custom score, and feedback read status. 

The Portfolio tab gives students simple tools to locate their work. Students can navigate through different units and sub-units, and filter their view by “activity type.” This makes it easy for students to see their scores across key activities like writings or assessments at a glance. 

Students can also print their work and teacher feedback via a button at the bottom left of the screen to show parents at home or preserve a paper copy of the activity.

Clicking an activity from either tab leads students to the activity review screen, where teacher feedback is easily visible alongside their response. To optimize for various layouts, the feedback panel can be dragged around the screen and expanded or collapsed.

Students can also find the teacher feedback panel in the corresponding lesson itself. 

Teachers no longer need to worry about student accountability with the addition of submission status filters. Students can easily sift through their portfolio for an actionable list of activities that have not yet been started or handed in. This filtering system matches the teacher’s Classwork Portfolios tab, making it easy for everyone to get on the same page about what’s due. 

Students love to decorate the notebooks and binders that house their paper schoolwork, and their digital portfolio should be no different! In the new My Work, students can customize their profile with a choice of 30+ avatar and banner images, many of which highlight Amplify’s beautiful lesson artwork.

In addition to the improved My Work experience, students are also notified of any new teacher feedback with a numbered indication on the bell icon, located in the upper right-hand corner of their screen. Upon clicking an item from the bell, the student will be taken directly to a view of that activity with the teacher feedback.

If your students need additional guidance, refer them to the My Work student guide

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