Amplify CKLA Trade Book Guides
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The Trade Book Guides for Grades K–2 provide a text overview and detailed text complexity ratings. These guides were created to accompany the Amplify CKLA Trade Book Collection. Every book in our authentic literature collection was selected specifically to support and enhance the content of the K–2 Knowledge Domains. These anchor texts are intended for use as an introduction to each domain—engaging students, piquing their curiosity, and building initial background knowledge—before diving into the deeper content of the domain Read-Alouds.

Each Trade Book Guide, created to support the authentic texts, includes engaging essential questions, key vocabulary, connected writing prompts, and other activities that help you guide students through discussion to successful reading comprehension. 

The featured trade books are part of the Amplify CKLA Trade Book Collection and are available as a bundled purchase from Amplify or individually from traditional retailers. Every book’s instructional guide includes the following:

  • Author and illustrator

  • Book summary

  • An essential question connecting the book to the Knowledge domain

  • Key Tier 2 and Tier 3 vocabulary words found in the book

  • A group activity to reinforce and extend students’ knowledge and understanding

  • A performance task to help gauge students’ comprehension of concepts in the text

  • Writing prompts to expand understanding and critical thinking

  • Text complexity ratings and descriptors for quantitative, qualitative, and reader/task categories

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