Amplify CKLA Text Complexity Guide
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In Amplify CKLA, texts serve a variety of purposes—from decoding and fluency practice to building background knowledge, vocabulary, and comprehension. The program’s texts were created and curated according to what the latest and best research tells us about how students learn to read, write, and comprehend. The Text Complexity Guide provides you with information about the texts, the ways in which students engage with them, and a unit-by-unit description of each text. 

The Text Complexity Guide includes detailed information about Amplify CKLA texts—including Student Readers, Read-Alouds, and the Trade Book Collection. It identifies the text as literary or informational, has a unit-by-unit description of each text, and includes text complexity ratings and descriptors for quantitative, qualitative, and reader/task measures. The Text Complexity Guide also includes detailed information about Amplify CKLA texts, including Readers, Read-Alouds, and Trade Book Collection. Text complexity analysis scores accompany every text. 

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