The Art of ELA

An introduction into the rich artwork within the ELA program and the short documentary videos about the artists behind these images.

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The Art of ELA

Our program is filled with hundreds of beautiful and thought-provoking illustrations that accompany daily digital lessons. Amplify ELA believes in the power of art to enhance the learning experience inside the classroom by helping our young learners make connections and engage with complex literary content.

Each unit in Amplify ELA has its own identity, style, and artwork uniquely articulated by a different illustrator. It portrays the themes, ideas, and visual narrative of the unit. Teachers and students should feel encouraged to begin their day by discussing the new banner illustration for each lesson.

It is our hope that the artwork will lead to meaningful daily classroom conversation, and inspire our students and their peers to be all the more engaged with Amplify ELA.

“Meet the Illustrators” Short Documentary Videos

To honor our commitment to the diversity of representation in our program, we have captured a series of 10 videos that document the creative journey of up-and-coming and seasoned illustrators from all walks of life and their contribution to our middle school program.

Each documentary video has two parts. It presents one person’s personal story and the unique process by which they have illustrated different narratives and historical accounts within the program.

Find them Online: Unit > SU1 > Lesson 1

Several units have a “Meet the Illustrator” video and blog interview PDF available and located in the Lesson Brief Materials of the 1st lesson in these units: 6B, 6D, 6E, 7B, 7C, 8B, 8C, 8E, 8F, and Poetry in America.

You can also find a message from our art director, Tory Novikova, about the project, along with all the illustrator videos captured in one full hour-long segment available online.

Questions? Contact us at:

  • Email us if you would like to share photos of the artwork your students are making in the classroom.

  • We would love to hear the ways in which you get your students to engage with the art in the program.

  • Please reach out if you have any additional feedback on the artwork in ELA.

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