Amplify Science units are designed to be coherent, with lessons purposefully building on each other. As students progress through the lessons and chapters in their investigation of the unit’s real-world problem, they’ll use a variety of evidence sources, including readings, digital tools (such as simulations), hands-on activities, and media.

However from a teacher’s perspective, it can be challenging to visualize how all the pieces fit together:

  • How the chapters build on each other

  • How the various evidence sources help students answer and explain the chapter questions

  • How students can ultimately master the unit’s ideas and provide a robust scientific explanation for the unit question.

That’s where coherence flowcharts come in.

Coherence flowcharts visualize all the different parts of the unit connecting and flowing into one another, including the unit question, chapter questions, investigation questions, key concepts, application of key concepts to the problem, and chapter explanations. Here is an example of a coherence flowchart.

Coherence flowchart for Chapter 1 of grade 4’s Energy Conversions unit

Coherence flowchart for middle school’s Natural Selection unit

Coherence flowcharts will be available as PDFs in the digital Teacher’s Guide, found in the printable resources section at the unit-level of each unit. Watch this video to learn more.

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