Coherence Flowcharts

What are Coherence Flowcharts?

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As students progress through the lessons and chapters of an Amplify Science unit, they’ll engage in multimodal activities and use a variety of evidence sources, including readings, digital tools (such as simulations), hands-on investigations, and media to investigate a real-world problem. The Coherence Flowcharts can be a powerful tool in helping you visualize how all these pieces of a particular unit fit together coherently, including:

  • How the chapters build on each other

  • How the various evidence sources help students answer and explain the chapter questions

  • How students can ultimately master the unit’s ideas and provide a robust scientific explanation for the unit question

Each unit’s Coherence Flowcharts lay out the anchor phenomenon or design problem, the unit question, chapter questions, investigation questions, key concepts, evidence sources, and application of key concepts. By showing how each of these things relate to one another, teachers can more easily visualize the unit content and progression.


Coherence flowchart for Chapter 1 of grade 4’s Energy Conversions unit

Coherence flowchart for Chapter 1 of middle school’s Natural Selection unit

To find the Coherence Flowcharts in a particular unit, refer to the Printable Resources area on the Unit Overview page.

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