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Amplify Science Transitional Kindergarten

Does Amplify Science offer materials for students younger than kindergarten?

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Amplify Science Transitional Kindergarten (TK) is a developmentally and pedagogically appropriate curriculum designed to introduce your youngest students to real-world phenomena and jump-start a lifelong love of science.

Written by the authors of Amplify Science K–8 (the curriculum experts at University of California, Berkeley’s Lawrence Hall of Science), Amplify Science TK includes an emphasis on developing the oral language skills essential for success in elementary school. Through guided and independent activities, Amplify Science TK integrates successful approaches found in the research-proven Amplify Science K–8 curriculum to get your students thinking and talking like real scientists.

Amplify Science TK is made up of three units, one for each science domain: Earth & Space Science, Life Science, and Physical Science. The Physical Science unit also includes an engineering design challenge.

If your school or district is interested in learning more about Amplify Science Grade TK, please contact your Amplify sales representative, or email us at

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