Hands-on Flextensions

Are there extra hands-on activities I can incorporate into my units when time permits?

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Hands-on Flextensions are optional hands-on investigations that can be integrated into many Amplify Science units. They are designed to extend the opportunities for students to investigate, model, or design in physical and tangible ways.

Materials referenced in Hands-on Flextension activities will either be included in the unit kit or easily sourced. Instructional guidance, student sheets, and other supporting resources are included as downloadable PDF files.

Hands-on Flextension activities are available in the following units:

Grades K–5

Grade 2

• Plant and Animal Relationships

Grade 3

• Environments and Survival

• Inheritance and Traits

• Weather and Climate

Grade 4

• Earth’s Features

• Vision and Light

• Energy Conversions

• Waves, Energy, and Information

Grade 5

• The Earth System

• Ecosystem Restoration

• Patterns of Earth and Sky

Grades 6–8

Earth & Space Science

• Plate Motion

• Rock Transformation

• Ocean, Atmosphere, and Climate

• Weather Patterns

• Earth’s Changing Climate

Life Science

• Microbiome

• Metabolism

• Metabolism: Engineering Internship

• Traits and Reproduction

• Populations and Resources

• Matter and Energy in Ecosystems

• Natural Selection

• Evolutionary History

Physical Science

• Harnessing Human Energy

• Magnetic Fields

• Thermal Energy

• Phase Change

• Chemical Reactions

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