Each grade level in the national Amplify Science integrated sequence has one bonus book/article that is available via the digital library. These texts feature real scientists currently active in their fields, and represent the diverse ethnicities, backgrounds, sexual orientations, perspectives, and experiences that make the scientific community so rich and interesting. They also offer additional opportunities to engage students in focal science practices and concepts.

The books are not referenced in the national Teacher’s Guide and are not needed to teach the program with fidelity (outside of California), but if you would like to incorporate them, they are available to you!

The bonus titles are listed below, along with the unit each one best supports. For information on accessing the digital library, where you’ll find the texts, see this K–5 help article or this 6–8 help article. For assistance identifying how or where to add the books to your instruction, please reach out to our Customer Care and Support team.

Grades K–5

Needs of Plants and Animals unit (Grade K): What Does a Scientist Look Like?

Spinning Earth unit (Grade 1): Space Explorers

Properties of Materials unit (Grade 2): Ideas and Inventors

Environments and Survival unit (Grade 3): Who Thinks About Structure?

Energy Conversions unit (Grade 4): Who Thinks About Systems?

Modeling Matter unit (Grade 5): Who Thinks About Scale?

Grades 6–8

Geology on Mars unit: “Who Becomes a Space Scientist?”

Matter and Energy in Ecosystems unit: “Meet a Scientist Who Studies How Plants Find Water Underground”

Metabolism unit: “Meet a Scientist Who Changed How We Think About Brain Cells”

Natural Selection unit: “Meet a Scientist Who Studies Variation in Monkey Populations” and “The Limits of Natural Selection”

Ocean, Atmosphere, and Climate unit: “Meet a Scientist Who Studies Underwater Currents”

Populations and Resources unit: “Bringing Back the Buffalo”

Traits and Reproduction unit: “Meet a Scientist Who Studies How the Environment Affects Our Traits”

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