Amplify Science grades 6–8 includes special units called Engineering Internships. These units ask students to design solutions for a real world problem that requires them to figure out how to help those in need through the application of engineering and design practices.

The first video here provides an introduction to the Engineering Internship units, including how you and your students will access and use the Futura Workspace app. Additional information for more advanced use of the Futura Workspace, which will become necessary as you move through the 10 lessons of the unit, is outlined in the second video. This includes topics such as managing groups, sending feedback, and using the unit Design Tool.

Engineering Internships, part 1:

Video timestamps:

  • What is an Engineering Internship?: 00:00–1:03

  • Teacher view of an Engineering Internship:

    • Where you’ll work: 1:04–1:38

    • Unit level information: 1:39–2:38

    • Lesson level information: 2:39–3:16

    • Getting to the Futura Workspace: 3:17–3:51

    • Futura features for teachers: 3:51– 5:02

    • Sending daily materials to students: 5:03–6:36

  • Student view of an Engineering Internship:

    • Getting to the Futura Workspace: 6:37–7:04

    • Daily messages (including “pinning”): 7:05–7:34

    • Accessing articles (Engineer’s Dossier) and submitting annotations: 7:34–8:01

    • Creating notes in Futura: 8:02–8:18

    • Accessing the Design Tool and PDF articles: 8:18–8:54

  • More info/getting help: 8:55–9:30

Engineering Internships, part 2:

Video timestamps:

  • What’s covered in this video vs. the intro video: 00:00–0:25

  • Creating groups: 00:25–1:46

  • Reviewing Futura submissions: 1:46–2:33

  • Introduction to feedback letters: 2:34–4:56

  • Generating, printing, and/or sending feedback letters: 3:10–4:20

  • Changing groups mid-internship: 4:21–4:28

  • Where to find more feedback letter information (including what to do if students are mainly working offline): 4:29–4:55

  • Design tools: 4:56–6:25

  • Final tips: 6:26–7:22

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