There are three key assessment opportunities in every core unit of Amplify Science 6–8: the pre-unit, critical juncture, and end-of-unit assessments.

Each of these assessments is designed to provide individualized information about student progress.

The following video demonstrates where to find information about the pre-unit, critical juncture, and end-of-unit assessments, including evaluation guidance and resources for administering them.

Time stamps:

  • Intro/unit level assessment information: 0:00–0:57

  • Granting students assessment access: 0:58–1:53

  • Completing/handing in assessments: 1:54–3:13

  • Teacher view: 3:14–3:46

  • Removing student assessment access: 3:47–4:15

  • Assessments in print (plus scoring guidance): 4:17–4:35

  • Final assessment notes: 4:36–4:58

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