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Have your students sign up and join your class.
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Welcome to Amplify! We are so excited for you and your students to get started. Below are instructions for your students to sign up for your program and join your class.

1. On your device, navigate to the web address provided by your teacher. 

We recommend bookmarking this website in the browser.

Use the latest version of Safari or Chrome.

Supported devices: iPad 3 and above, MacBooks, Windows laptops or desktops, Chromebooks.

2. Click Sign Up and then sign up as a Student

3. Enter the Class Code given to you by your teacher and click Next.

4. Ask your teacher whether to sign up with Amplify or to click Sign Up With Google

If signing up with Amplify, enter your first name, last name, a username, and password. Be sure to remember your username and password because you will need to enter them each time you log into Amplify. Once you have filled in all the fields, click Sign Up

If you click Sign Up With Google, enter your school Google email and password. 

5. Check to make sure you see your teacher’s name and your class. If these are correct, click Join Class.

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