Time stamps:

  • Intro to Active Reading: 00:00–00:45

  • Reading activity from teacher view: 00:46–1:03

  • Digital library features:

    • Highlighting text: 1:14– 1:34

    • Adding/editing/deleting notes: 1:35–2:15

    • Bookmarking: 2:16–2:24

    • Finding all highlights/notes/bookmarks: 2:25–3:07

  • Using the library for discussion (#shared, #discussed, #present): 3:08–4:39

  • Handing in annotations: 4:40–5:46

  • Finding more information: 5:46–6:01

Note: if you are looking for information about how to see student annotations, starting the video at the 5:10 minute mark will be helpful, as this is where we describe how students must “hand in” their annotations in order for you to see them.

Once handed in, you can use Classwork like you would for other submitted activities. For more on that, check out this article.

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