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Reviewing digital Simulation and Modeling Tool work
Reviewing digital Simulation and Modeling Tool work

How do I review the work my students do in the Simulations, Modeling Tools, and other apps?

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Digital apps like Science Practice Tools and Simulations (Sims) are used in grades 2–5, but students do not submit their app work to teachers digitally until grade 6. Instead, as elementary students use the apps, you are encouraged to circulate the classroom and observe. See the “finding answers” information below for information on how to know what to look for.


In grades 6–8, students can submit work within the Amplify digital curriculum. The submission method can vary depending on the kind of app that is used and whether there are any additional prompts in the activity.

Digital Modeling Tools and Sorting Tools in grades 6–8: Students will complete digital models or sorts within the respective app, and, once done, hit the “hand-in” button at the top. They’ll see a confirmation message once they do so.

If the activity in the digital curriculum asks students to respond to any other prompt along with the Modeling Tool use, students will need to go back to the lesson. When they refresh their screen in the lesson activity, they should see the model they “handed in” show up.

Once it appears, they should respond to the other prompts in the activity, then, once all done, select “Hand in,” just as they do for other online activities. At that point, their model AND their other responses will be sent directly to their teacher’s Classwork.

Simulations in grades 6–8: In many activities that feature Simulations, the accompanying data table and/or reflection questions are what students fill out and hand-in.

Other times, students will be asked to take and upload a screenshot of their Simulation work. Unlike in Modeling Tools, there is no built-in “hand-in” button within the Simulation. Instead, they’ll need to manually take a screenshot.

The way a screenshot is taken will vary based on the operating system (if you need guidance, use your preferred search engine to look up, “how to take screenshot on [name of your device]”). Once the screenshot is taken, students will need to return to the Sim activity within the lesson and select “upload an image.”

From the dialog box that opens, students will filter to the location where screenshots are saved on their device, choose the appropriate file name of the screenshot, then select “Upload” or “OK” at the bottom right corner of the dialog box.

Within a few seconds the image will appear within the activity.

After completing any other prompts that are included in the activity, students will need to select “Hand In” in order for it to be sent into their teacher’s Classwork app.

Finding “Answers”

Across grades 2–8, whenever digital apps are used, teachers will find example student responses in the Possible Responses tab of the Instructional Guide. Information on what students should see/notice during the app use will also be included.

For elementary teachers using the Amplify digital experience, the possible responses are available in a new, more user-friendly format.

Possible Responses PDFs are now presented as completed Investigation Notebook pages, that include illustrated diagrams, models, and expected Sim usage where appropriate.

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