Printed and bound Teacher Guides can be purchased from Amplify.

A PDF can also be generated and printed straight from the digital Teacher’s Guide (see instructions below).

In the following video, Matt Reed, Vice President of Amplify Science, goes over what’s in the print Teacher’s Guide and how it compares to the digital Teacher’s Guide.

Video time stamps:

  • Is it a textbook?: 00:00–00:57

  • What’s in the print Teacher’s Guide?

    • Planning for the unit: 1:03–1:45

    • Chapter-level content: 1:46– 2:07

    • Lesson-level content: 2:08– 2:27

  • What’s not in the print Teacher’s Guide?

    • Digital-only resources: 2:28–3:12

  • Teacher references: 3:13–3:32

  • Summary: 3:33–3:57

If you would like to print your own Teacher’s Guide, you can generate the PDF by opening a unit and using the drop down menu labeled, “Generate a Printable Teacher’s Guide”

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