Amplify Science print Teacher's Guides

Are there print Teacher’s Guides to go with the digital curriculum?

Updated over a week ago

Printed and bound Teacher Guides can be purchased from Amplify, but they can also be generated in PDF straight from the digital Teacher’s Guide. To do so, open a unit and use the drop-down menu labeled, “Printable Teacher Guide.”

While the majority of the print Teacher’s Guide will mirror what is in the digital Teacher’s guide, there are some key differences and times when you must refer to the digital content. In the following video, we go over what’s in the print Teacher’s Guide and how it compares to the digital Teacher’s Guide.

Video timestamps:

  • Is it a textbook?: 00:00–00:57

  • What’s in the print Teacher’s Guide?

    • Planning for the unit: 1:03–1:45

    • Chapter-level content: 1:46– 2:07

    • Lesson-level content: 2:08– 2:27

  • What’s not in the print Teacher’s Guide?

    • Digital-only resources: 2:28–3:12

  • Teacher references: 3:13–3:32

  • Summary: 3:33–3:57

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