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How can the Start Class and Eyes Up features help me manage my middle school Amplify classroom?

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The Amplify Curriculum for grades 6–8 includes the unique features of Start Class and Eyes Up. Start Class and Eyes Up can be helpful for managing a classroom in which devices are being used. With them, teachers can:

  • Direct students to a specific lesson.

  • Track the status of students’ activity within a lesson.

  • Direct students’ attention from their devices to the teacher.

The images below demonstrate where Start Class and Eyes Up are located and how each feature works. While the images underneath show Amplify ELA, Start Class and Eyes Up function in the same way for Amplify Science, so feel free to use them as a reference too!

Start Class

1. Navigate to a Lesson Brief or Activity.

2. Click on the Start Class icon in the top right corner within a lesson.

Teachers can toggle between their classes via the tab in the left hand corner:

Selecting a class will display the class roster:

Click the green “Start Class” button to start teaching. In this example, 5 students are connected at this time:

Click on the yellow triangle to see the list of students not connected.

When teachers "Start Class", all connected students will be sent to the Lesson Brief of the lesson being taught. Students will see a message in a yellow bar:

However, this does not “lock” students into a lesson or activity. Students are still able to navigate freely around the curriculum website.

In the Start Class view, teachers can keep an eye on where connected students have navigated to, and what activities they are working on. For example, in the image below:

A. Christopher has navigated away from the lesson.

B. Aaron is still on the Lesson Brief.

C. Aidan, Maggie and Phaela have moved onto Activity 3.

D. Aidan has not started on the activity.

E. Maggie has entered work and clicked on “Hand In”.

F. Phaela is typing or has finished a draft, but has not clicked “Hand In”.

Note: A status will not appear if an activity does not require students to submit work.

Eyes Up

The Eyes Up feature allows teachers to gain students’ attention when they are in the curriculum website.

When teachers click “Eyes Up,” the curriculum website on student devices will display this message:

To enable students to return the lesson and activity materials in the curriculum website, click on "Eyes Up" again.

Note: The "eyes on teacher" screen only displays on the curriculum website. It does not affect any Amplify apps that open in their own tab (such as the Vocabulary app or or a Science Simulation), or other websites.

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