Follow these instructions to add a link and icon for Amplify Science Elementary Apps to your district's Clever portal. This feature available on through Clever for District Administrator users. 

To implement this feature, District Administrators must have their district's Clever ID on hand. 

 1. Log into Clever as a District Administrator and click on "Portal in the top right corner:

2. Click on "Customize Portal" on the ride side.
3. On the Customization page, enter Amplify into the “My Category” text field.

4. Click on "Add Link".
5. In the Add a Link menu, select "Create a custom link"

6. In the Add a Link menu, fill in the required fields. 

  • Select an Icon: Amplify recommends select the blue Science icon.

  • Title: Elementary Student Apps

  • URL: Copy the from the link below:

  • Help Text (optional): Include a note or description for the icon. This will display in a tooltip next to the icon name to all users with access.

  • Display Link To (optional): Amplify recommends selecting all options.
    ☑️Students        ☑️Teachers        ☑️School Admins

  • In the Following Grades: Amplify recommends selecting "All".

  • In the Following Schools: Up to District Administrator's discretion; Amplify recommends selecting "All":

7. Click the Add Link button when all changes have been made.
8. Click on Publish Changes when all changes have been made.
9. Confirm this on your portal when complete.

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