Interim Assessments

About Amplify ELA's Interim Assessments

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ELA interim assessments are optional assessments that teachers can use at two strategic points in the year. These assessments are not tied to the curriculum text; rather, they offer a more generic pre- and post- assessment option. Therefore, the results of these assessments help teachers gain an understanding of student performance outside of the data provided within Amplify. 

*The availability of this content/feature may vary by district and in certain state editions.

To access Interim Assessments:

  1. Log into Amplify Curriculum

  2. Open the Global Navigation

  3. Select Interim Assessments icon in the Global Navigation Menu: 

The Interim Assessments application will launch in a new tab. 

Note: The Interim Assessments application is a delivery mechanism, and not a platform in which students take the assessments. 

Assessments can be accessed in one of two ways – either on paper, or through the third-party provider Illuminate*.

On paper

  1. Select the "On Paper" menu bar.

  2. Select specific PDFs to download, or select a grade level to download all of the assessments in that grade. 

  3. The PDF assessments will be packaged in a ZIP file and downloaded to your computer. 

In Illuminate*

If a school is an active Illuminate customer, they can get the interim assessment activated  by emailing Support at, who will in turn contact Illuminate on their behalf.

*Schools need to have purchased access through Illuminate ahead of time. 

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