Developed in conjunction with Spanish experts and classroom teachers, Amplify Science provides multiple Spanish language components across our curriculum.

First, multi-language glossaries are included in every unit of Amplify Science. For grades K–5, the glossary is printed at the end of the Investigation Notebook. The glossary can also be downloaded in PDF format for all grade levels (see the Unit Guide in K–5; the Digital Resources of the first lesson after the Pre-Assessment in 6–8).

Spanish materials that mirror their English counterparts in both content and quality are also available for purchase in three useful formats:

  • The Teacher Spanish license gives you access to a button that enables you to toggle back and forth between seeing Spanish and English in your Amplify Science accounts. When in Spanish mode, you can:

— Download PDFs of all classroom wall materials, copymasters, assessments, and more

— Use Spanish projections in class

— See all model teacher talk in Spanish

— Access digital versions of the student books and articles in Spanish.

  • Student Spanish Licenses are available for grades 6–8. These allow students to access Spanish versions of all student resources including lesson instructions, science articles, vocabulary, assessments, and simulations. Audio in videos, as well as in the read aloud functionality of articles and assessments, is also translated. When your students have the Spanish licenses, you can assign students to a particular language, or you can choose to give students the ability to toggle between English and Spanish as needed.

  • Last, Spanish Print Kits provide hard-copy, translated versions of all student-facing materials such as student books, copymasters, print materials, assessments, and notebooks.

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