What is the Argumentation Wall?

How do I set up the Argumentation Wall for Amplify Science 6–8?

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The Argumentation Wall is used in grades 6–8 and highlights components of scientific argumentation. Most units refer to the Argumentation Wall, but it is introduced in depth and posted to the wall during the Launch unit of each grade. The Launch units are Microbiome, Geology on Mars, and Harnessing Human Energy.

Print materials for the Argumentation Wall are included in the Launch unit kits, but they can also be downloaded and printed from the digital Teacher’s Guide of those units.

Example: Scientific Argumentation Wall cards inside the Microbiome Print Materials (8.5" x 11") PDF:

The Argumentation Wall is built over multiple lessons, so remember not to put all the pieces up at once. The numbers listed in the bottom right corner of each piece tells you the lesson in which it gets posted and introduced to students. For guidance on how the pieces will be arranged, an example of the completed Argumentation Wall is available in the digital resources of the first argumentation lesson of the Launch unit (Lesson 2.3 in Microbiome, Lesson 1.3 in Geology on Mars, and Lesson 1.2 in Harnessing Human Energy).

Example: diagram of the completed Argumentation Wall from Microbiome

If you do not have access to a Launch unit, please reach out to help@amplify.com for a copy of the Argumentation Wall PDFs.

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