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What should I do if my classroom has a poor internet connection?

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If you are working with an unreliable classroom internet connection, you can download instructional materials and preload elementary student apps ahead of time. This article will outline how to do so. Before beginning, we recommend clearing your cache.

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Downloading Teaching Materials

The majority of resources in each unit are available to download for use at any time, with or without internet, via the Offline Guide. These resources include:

  • Complete Teacher's Guide

  • Student Investigation Notebook

  • PowerPoint Classroom Slides

  • Projections

  • Videos

  • Copymaster PDFs

  • Assessment guides

Here’s how to access them in bulk:

  1. Navigate to an Amplify Science unit.

  2. On the Unit Overview page, select “Offline Preparation” from the left-hand menu.

  3. Click on the “OFFLINE GUIDE” button.

The Offline Guide will open in a new tab, with instructions at the top:

By default, the entire unit's resources will be checked. Click on the blue “Download” button to download all.

Monitor the Download progress in your browser. (This may look slightly different depending on the computer, operating system, and browser.)

When the download is complete, locate the file on your computer (usually in the “Downloads” folder). The materials will be in a ZIP file with the same title as the unit, e.g. "Vision and".

Note: Files and folders look and are organized differently depending on your operating system.

Double click on the ZIP file to open it and access the files for teaching:

Tips on Downloads

To select only unit materials or lesson-specific materials, uncheck the "All" icon at the top:

Then, select the desired resources from the list and click the blue download button.

To expand to see the resources included in the download package, click on the ╲╱ .

Preloading Student Apps

Note: preloading apps for Middle School units is currently not available.

Each unit in grades 2–5 comes with a set of digital student apps, which include digital simulations and practice tools. To enable students to access these apps without a reliable internet connection, preload them on student devices ahead of time.

  1. When there is a stable internet connection available, open the Student Apps page on each student device.

2. On each student device, click on the desired unit. A separate box is available for each student app use in that unit.

3. Click on each box to load each app in its own tab.

Tips on Preloading Student Apps

  • Bookmark the Elementary Student Apps landing page:

  • Once fully loaded on the browser on a student device, apps are accessible until the device’s browser cache is cleared.

  • Apps will still be preloaded if a tab is closed and reopened. To reopen a closed tab, first access the bookmarked Elementary Student Apps page and navigate from there.

  • The numbering underneath the Science Practice Tools boxes correspond to the lesson in which the Practice Tool is used. For example, the box highlighted here is for Lesson 1.6:

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