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The Classroom Wall in Amplify Science units
The Classroom Wall in Amplify Science units

How do I set up my Classroom Wall?

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Every unit of Amplify Science across grades K–8 utilizes a Classroom Wall that gets built as the unit progresses. This article will provide guidance for how the Classroom Wall materials can be arranged.

Print materials for the Classroom wall are included in the unit’s kit, but they can also be downloaded and printed from the digital Teacher’s Guide, as needed.

There are 3 main sections of the Classroom Wall:

  • Unit & Chapter Questions

  • Key Concepts

  • Vocabulary

The Unit Question is introduced at the beginning of an Amplify Science unit.

The Chapter Questions are introduced in the first or second lesson in each chapter. Chapter Questions go underneath the Unit Question.

Then there is a Key Concepts header and a Vocabulary header. These go next to the Unit Question, but can be placed wherever you have space nearby.

Position relevant cards under each category as you come across them throughout the unit.

Refer to the Materials and Preparation in the Lesson Brief and Instructional Guide steps for details on when to post items to the wall.


For Elementary School unit Vision and Light:

For Middle School unit Light Waves:

Check out our Amplify Science Facebook community and search “Classroom wall” to see examples from real Amplify Science classrooms!

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