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“Digital Resources” in Amplify Science
“Digital Resources” in Amplify Science

What are "Digital Resources" and where do I find them?

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You may see the term “Digital Resources” referenced in your Amplify Science Teacher’s Guide or elsewhere. Digital Resources is a section of the Lesson Brief that provides quick access to all of the PDFs, media, and/or apps associated with the lesson. The contents of the Digital Resources will vary from lesson-to-lesson, but examples of what you may find include:

  • copymasters

  • answer keys and scoring guides

  • rubrics

  • glossaries

  • projections

  • Investigation Notebook pages

  • science articles

  • videos

  • teacher references

Where do I find them?

On the right-hand side of your lesson brief, underneath the Lesson Map, a list of Digital Resources relevant to the lesson will be available for online viewing or download.

To get to the Lesson Brief:

  1. Select the Unit.

  2. Scroll to the chapter.

  3. Select the Lesson.

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