What are the activities a student might encounter for a given word?

Narrative Multiple Choice: Students practice the skill of learning words in context. Each narrative provides at least two context clues to help a student figure out the meaning of a word. 

Identifying Synonyms and Antonyms: Using a game-like interaction, students match a word to four of its synonyms and four of its antonyms, seeing their score as they go.

Ordering Synonyms and Antonyms: Students explore word nuance by ordering a word and its synonyms and antonyms according to shades of meaning. This part of the activity is entirely subjective, and it is up to you as the teacher to respond to a student’s line of argument.

ReDictionary: Students get a chance to practice dictionary skills such as looking up multiple meanings of a word and identifying a word’s etymology using our dictionary scavenger hunt activity. This activity can be done using both a print and online dictionary so that students get used to using both types of sources. 

Analogy: Students further explore word meaning through analogies.

Roots Exist: Students are introduced to the concept of morphology.

WordMatch: Students focus on ELL-appropriate words by matching a word’s English definition, Spanish definition, context sentence, audio pronunciation, and visual definition. Currently, WordMatch only contains Spanish-language translations. Additional languages are coming soon. WordMatch is delivered primarily for activity streams for ELL students, but there can be some overlap for non-ELL activity streams. The ability to turn off any activity is coming soon.

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