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How do grades and streams work?
How do grades and streams work?

How grades and streams are work in Amplify Vocabulary.

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How do grades and streams work?

When creating a class, either through the My Account page for standalone app users or through the internal Amplify onboarding process for MSELA users, a grade is associated with the class section. This grade is used to determine the streams for word delivery for all students in the class. If more than one grade is assigned to a student's class, the application will choose to start the student at the lowest grade assigned. Teachers can always manually set the student's stream before the student launches the app.  

The first time a student clicks on the application, they will get onboarding messages from the Helper.

If the teacher has not manually set the student’s stream beforehand, the student’s initial stream will be set during this onboarding sequence, as At Grade for the grade of the class the student is in. If the class has no grade (marked NA) the student will start with 6th Grade At Grade words, and it’s up to the teacher to reset the stream if needed.

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